Open Access Policy

Journal of Life Long Nursing is a full access publication.

Peer-reviewed scientific works can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, scanned or freely accessed online by any user on the public internet, crawled for indexing, transferred to software, or other without financial, legal or technical barriers. can be used for legal purposes. In this context, our journal declares that it participates in the "Budapest Open Access Movement (BOAI)" (

All articles published after peer-review in the Journal of Lifelong Nursing are immediately accessible from the date of publication. The sole restriction authority over reproduction and distribution and the sole copyright role in this field; It is up to the authors to have control over the integrity of their work and to ensure that it is properly recognized and cited (

Intellectual property rights of the authors, such as patent rights, the right to use the entire article in their future book or other works without paying, and the right to reproduce the article for their own academic studies, provided that they do not sell the article, are reserved.

Journal of Life Long Nursing is traded under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND. Accordingly, the articles can be reproduced and circulated by citing the source, no fee is charged and they are only open for non-commercial use.

It is assumed that all authors whose publications are published in Journal of Life Long Nursing accept this situation.